JAG BC: working data

Source, learn from & adopt data.

Who we are.

We are a team of professionals focused on sourcing data, data science and data visualization.

We do:
  1. sourcing data, scraping, crawling, bots,
  2. data science, analytics, machine learning,
  3. data visualization, application development (web & desktop).

How do we work?

Each project we take on is allocated a team. Each team has all it takes to carry the project out successfully, including:

  1. software development expertise in the selected tech stack,
  2. machine learning expertise in the required domain,
  3. testing/validation capability,
  4. high-level technical expertise (big data, architecture, hosting, cloud, performance, maintenance),
  5. bandwidth to execute the project in a timely fashion,
  6. full professional proficiency in English of all team members.

What types of projects do we carry out and how?

Our projects are always tailored to our client's requirements and are a result of a two-side collaboration. We work in an Agile spirit utilizing Scrum and Kanban.

If we are requested to deliver software, we first build a minimum viable product and submit it for review immediately so that our client can have input as early as possible. We then improve it continuously until we get a working and useful product.

If we are requested to deliver data or a data visualization artifact, we also submit it for discussion with the client early. In both cases we typically work in iterations and the client is provided with a demo of functionalities or content after each iteration.

Throughout the project we're are in seamless contact with the client to report our status and to cater for evolving requirements or changes in timelines. We are available via phone, e-mail and Skype as well as other communication platforms if needed.

How do we ensure that our software is of highest standards?

  1. First, recruitment to the group is very strict. For example, for a software development position we investigate a candidate's background, technical knowledge, coding style, programming aptitude, code neatness, communication skills and completeness of one's solutions. As a result fewer than 10% of candidates get admitted.
  2. Second, we use Agile for a faster feedback loop when developing our solutions.
  3. Third, we cross-review our code and we employ the industry's best practices: we use version control, feature branches, design patterns, SOLID, Clean Code and DRY.
  4. Fourth, our code is always tested and continuously improved.

What technologies do we use in our projects?

We are skilled in:

  1. R,
  2. C,
  3. C#,
  4. C++,
  5. Java,
  6. Scala,
  7. Ruby,
  8. Python,
  9. JavaScript (including Node.js).

We also use MongoDB, pstore and relational databases for persistence. For scraping we use both simple scrapers and headless browsers, depending on the scraped website.

What is our typical response time?

12 hours. Feel free to contact us anytime.